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An astrological chart consist of 12 houses.

In each of the we have one of the 12 signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces).


Taking into account the sign that rises at the time of birth (given the time, date and city of birth)

we define it as an ascendant in the horoscope, and we call it in Sanskrit ‘Lagna’, where it shows the first house of the chart.


Each house symbolizes different characteristics in our personality such as character, our way of working, body type, to name a few of them.


In general, the first house shows our character in general, our personality, our appearance.

The second house shows our family, our money transactions, our food.

The third, our abilities, our younger siblings, our short journeys, our efforts.

The fourth the mother, our feeings, the place that we where born, our place of residence, our material goods.

The fifth, our creativity, way of thinking, mind, children.

The sixth, our heath, diseases, enemies.

The seventh, the spouse, collaborations.

The eight, the chronic diseases, occult sciences and knowledge.

The ninth, our teacher, the higher knowledge and education, the higher truth.

The tenth, our career, our image in society, our father, our reputation.

The eleventh, the older brothers/sisters, our material benefits.

The twelfth, the distant places, the end of some situation, the enlightment.


The above is general information, while there are even more parameters, such as in relation to our body and its various diseases.

The first house shows the physical structure of the body, appearance, head, hair.

The second house, the face, right eye, nose, teeth, tongue, lips and death.

The third house the right ear, neck, hands, psychological strength, courage.

The fourth house the chest, heart, pneumonia, cough.

The fifth house the stomach, heart, knees, pregnancy.

The sixth house the intestine, waist, kidneys, general diseases.

The seventh house the urinary system, intestine, uterus, ovaries, sperm.

The eight house the genitals, longevity, hemorrhoids, death, chronic and incurable diseases.

The ninth house the knees, arteries, upper legs.

The tenth house the knees, spine, back.

Eleventh house, legs, left ear, left arm, muscles in the calf.

The twelfth house the left eye, left shoulder, heel, disturbed sleep.


In a more complete analysis of the twelve houses and placing the planets on a chart we have a complete view of every subject, which will occupy the human mind and body, every subject in iife.

There are many details here until a clear answer comes out, such as what is the state of a house, its ruling planet, what is the state of all the planets on a chart, what seasons will have the strongest impact and to what extent.

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