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To have an example about the use of Vedic astrology in our daily life we could think of a weather forecast that we follow in order to have a better idea about how we will be behaving in the coming days.


If for example it show that it is going to rain and be cold, there is nothing that we can do to stop it, or change it, but we can keep an umbrella with us, a warm jacket so we can protect our self's.

Different ways of practices are useful for that matters and astrology could give us good advises and a ‘light’ in our ‘darkness’ in order to avoid some inconvenience in our daily life.


A map and a compass are useful in to see how and where to move along a path but if we do not know where we are, our ‘position’, we will not know where to start.

Vedic astrology as well as its name in Sanskrit is Jyotish, which translates as ‘the light of God’ can always be by our side in our lives as a good friend who knows us well to give a good and useful advice where we have to apply it, otherwise nothing can be done if these tips remain in theory.

Thus the use of astrology goes hand in hand with various practices such as Yoga &, Ayurveda.


The questions that can be asked to an astrologer have no limits such as for example, what is our relationship with parents, friends, partner, co-workers, what profession suits us, about children, what will our relation be with the above, when is the right time to start something, or also to leave something, when the mind is clear for serious decisions, as well as for health issues like when they will come to the surface, what we should pay attention to and any issues and questions that may come to our mind.


Someone can visit an astrologer once in a lifetime and get benefit for a lifetime, while he can visit whenever he feels he needs this help, so there is no issue here, it is personal to everyone.

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