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A visit to an astrologer can be likened to a visit to a trusted friend who knows us well and is willing to give us helpful advice. We could also see it as a visit to a doctor to have a good diagnosis of our issue, and get some prescriptions for its management.


Whatever example we give, what is important to emphasize is that first we ourselves are 'open' to receiving information so that we can receive it accordingly.


A visit can be made for various reasons, such as health issues, social, emotional, professional, family, or anything that could occupy our minds in everyday life.


We need to know the time, date and city of birth in order to prepare our astrological chart.

About time, the more accurate we are, the better we can calculate the different times we will encounter in life.

If we do not have the above details accurately, our chart can be calculated with the help of the shape on our palm, face and body type and approaching various events in our lives to see if they agree with reality.


The sessions usually last for about an hour and can be done by vising our place or through the network, such as zoom, whats up, vider, etc.

In this meeting, when it is done for the first time, an analysis is made in the function of our character and mind, an interpretation of the various eras that we have come in contact with in the past and will come in the future, and also advice is given on any subject that interests and concerns us.

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