Jyoti is light, a flame, in Sanskrit.
Jyotish is the study of light.
Jyotish it is a means of diagnosing karma.


Astrology has been a part of our daily life since the time of its creation until today.
Through studying it we can observe how universe cause thinks that are happening in human life.
Deepen in this subject we can find out the relation of the planets with our daily life and also essential facts of life. By its practice, each one will be able to experience more awareness and benefited.


We can approach it as if we were watching the weather report. Seeing it raining in the next few days, we know we cannot stop the rain (or destiny) but we will wear waterproof jacket, or we will use an umbrella so that we do not get wet until the rain stops.

With the support of astrology, we are inspired to be aware in each period of life, to observe the impermanence and act wisely with patience.


* In this website all information are general to give an idea about Jyotish. For a detail view of this subject it needs to be studied.


Chania, Crete, Greece