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Sciences such as Ayurveda and Yoga practices work well with astrology.

Bearing in mind that physical well-being is a by-product of spiritual well-being, we also have in mind the importance and benefits of these.


An astrological chart shows a picture of effects where we are called to come into contact in this life.

A very detailed analysis of it can show us everything we will come in contact with, its season and how intense it will be.

Some things do not change in this life, some change, and some change with lots of work.

We can not stop a rain and a bad weather, but if we have to leave our house at that period we make sure to equip ourselves with the necessary, for example an umbrella and a waterproof, arm coat.


A complete and essential approach will give us a similar approach, will ‘equip’ us with the necessary and useful.


The diseases that we will experience in the body are a result of situations that exist within us, either from the recent or distant past, so knowing their form, in their time we will be able to be more ‘equipped’ in their appearance in our lives.


Observing a harmful effect from some planets we take care to act according our benefit, or also a weakness from some beneficial planets on our chart we take care to strengthen them.


Through the various ways in which this is done, a well-known approach today is the use of certain gemstones, wearing them in their appropriate material (gold or silver), and on the approriate day of the week.


The days of the week are dedicated to each one of the seven planets used by Vedic astrology, such as Monday on the Moon (pearl), Tuesday on Mars (coral), Wednesday on Mercury (emerald), Thursday on Jupiter (yellow sapphire), Friday in Aphrodite (diamond) and Sunday in the Sun (ruby).

Having a useful daily life through the knowledge offered by Vedic astrology,  we can be ‘equipped’ with very useful ‘tools’ for our being.


Thus the coexistence of a holistic approach to Vedic science that we call Jyotish, through an astrological chart, healing from the art of Ayurveda, practices through Yoga, is a powerful ‘recipe’ in to work on our being.

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